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A Fair Wack by Pete Trewin

I received a free kindle copy of A Fair Wack by Pete Trewin, published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. from in a goodreads promotion in exchange for a fair review.

I gave it almost four stars. There was adult language & a lot of violence. The slang was difficult to understand.

Paul Eston woke, stiff & sore from sleeping in his car. He’s headed to a mine that he was told when he was younger where gangsters buried their victims. He believed it too. He’s a whistle blower & hiding out near a mine.

He met Oliver Harris who is caretaker for the vacant Stokesley property which included the mine. “He turned and walked down to his car – a red mini covered in large white numbers and stripes. He stopped when he reached the car, and turned. ‘Oh!’ he shouted. ‘And whatever you do, don’t go near that mine. It’s a death trap!’”

Paul second-guessed his decision to be a whistle blower. “Throughout your life you developed an ideal conception of your own personality and character, the kind that each man sets up for himself. Secretly. So that you automatically think that you are kind and honourable. But it is usually just wishful thinking. Making it seem better than the cold reality.”

Wacker is the next character to be introduced. He has a cap over his freshly shaved head. He’s working with Jimmy aka James Whitaker, who tells him: “The thing is, Wacker, you don’t realise what it’s like. The word “morons” isn’t adequate to describe the Liverpool councillors I come into contact with.” Whitaker wants to become mayor. People call him every thing but James.

Wacker’s life has changed: “‘Things haven’t been going too well since Betty passed away,’ Wacker said. He looked down at the floor. ‘I’ve been a bit down.’

‘The kids have left home?’

‘Yeh. Alex is a solicitor in Suffolk and Andrea is a GP in Edinburgh.’
‘Doing well, then.’

‘Yeh. Now that Betty is gone, I’ve got no family in Liverpool. The house holds too many memories of her. Her clothes. The cat.’

‘The big ginger tom that sits on the wall outside your house?’

‘Lucas. He was Betty’s cat really.”

“The fire had died down, though there was still a bed of red hot embers. Wacker scanned the quarry. No-one around. He threw his mobile into the embers, flinching from the blast of heat as he got too close. The mobile blistered, hissed and bubbled for a while, then melted down and disappeared.”

Wacker searched for Eston to stop him from testifying. The language was often difficult to read. It described some of the criminal organization & how it ran. “‘Sefton Park Security? Wasn’t that run by that mad bastard, Jamaica Jim, the feller who killed his wife with a machete?’

‘Yeh, not the best publicity, that. Anyhow, profits from those two companies were fed into the property company to, surprise, surprise, buy property. This is where everything becomes legit and all the taxes and National Insurance and that are paid.’”

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Fair-Wack-Pete-Trewin-ebook/dp/B00K02EXQU