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Everything Happens for a Reason.

I’ve found this to be true in my experience.

Transform Your Life with Tony T Robinson.


I believe that whatever happens in your life does so for a reason and that every incident or situation is a lesson in disguise.

Now the lesson may be disguised in a multitude of ways, some good more often than not as struggles and difficulties, losses and failures, disappointments and frustration but they are lessons nonetheless. The “negative” lessons may be the most difficult ones to learn from but they are the most powerful ones that teach the biggest lessons.

Also sometimes you are presented with the same lesson several times in your life but because you weren’t aware of it and unable to benefit from it and it passed you by. However the universe will make sure you get another opportunity to learn the lesson. That is why you experience it again but this time it will be harder so that it is more difficult to ignore. However if…

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