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DP: Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves

I found this quite entertaining. In my house Hubby & I exchange duties. When he cooks, I clean up after. Our standing joke is: Did the kitchen fairy come last nigh?

up the lauz river

fairy godmother

My kitchen is a tiny, galley-style and with limited counters space.  I have not used my dishwasher for months because it did a lousy job and leaked.  My water heater’s bottom corroded and caused damage to the adjacent kitchen cabinets.  A new water heater was installed by a friend of a friend.  I had let my homeowner’s insurance lapse and could not make a claim.  My real downfall began when I left a decent paying job to pursue something more creative.  My house suffered for it, but I survived.  I confess that I dread the hand washing of silverware that seems endless, the stacking of bowls and cups without anything tumbling over the edge, and the standing in front of the sink for 30 minutes (a conservative estimate).

Before I turn off the kitchen light, I ask the kitchen fairy to please come and do my dishes while I am asleep.  In the…

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An interesting take on indie publishing & perceived value.


A book is a unique and precious product. One of a kind. Not like breakfast cereal or toothpaste or light bulbs at the super market. These items are manufactured by the millions and sold over and over again. When you run out of Wheaties, you buy another box and it’s exactly like the one you just finished and the one you bought a year ago.

When I buy a book and read it, I don’t go back next week and buy another copy of the same book. It’s a unique and individual product that I ingest into my mind where it resides as part of my psyche, my life experience. If I like it, then I will probably buy and read another unique and individual book by the same author.


As for Wheaties, I doubt if I will ever look back on that singular bowl of cereal I ate several…

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Get Ready for the Next Blogging U. Challenge: Writing 101

On your mark, get ready…..WRITE! Building a Blogging Habit starts Monday, June 2.

The Daily Post

Feeling a bit bereft now that Blogging 101 and 201 have wound down, or just looking for a way to cultivate good writing habits? Never fear, Writing 101 is here! (Well, it will be here, starting June 2.) Our next Blogging U. challenge moves away from the technical and design aspects of blogging to focus on your content. Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit is a write-every-day challenge designed to help you create a writing habit while publishing posts that mesh with your blog’s focus and push you a bit as a writer. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll post a new writing assignment just for Writing 101 each weekday in June here on The Daily Post. Assignments will publish at 10:00AM EST (14:00PM GMT).
  • There are no weekend assignments — you’re free to expand on a weekday post, write something unrelated, or (gasp!) spend some time away from your blog.
  • Each assignment includes…

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Enjoy My Tiddly-Bits

Visit this author’s blog. Jonus Lee, Challenging the Imagination.

Jonas Lee

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley said it best in the last line of Out of the Night That Covers Me. Since I’m foregoing the traditional path, I decided on looking into being self-published. Self-publishing is a new opportunity for every writer to become an author. You can write a 400 page novel saga about the differences of Coke and Pepsi and make it available to the world. Keep in mind, self-publishing does not equate to selling.

So, you’ve gotten to the point where no one is biting at your manuscript; or you just want to get your work out there and let it spread slowly throughout the world of literary media like a virus. Self-publishing is the way to go. Where to start though?

Well, first things first…

  1. Book finished? Check
  2. Book edited? Check
  3. Book edited by…

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Review: Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb

I’m adding this to my TBR List based on this 5 star review.

A Writer's Wonderland

As I flick through the opening pages of Fool’s Assassin, there is a moment when I stop myself. I am at the contents page, and the realization that I am, once again, about to follow FitzChivalry Farseer through a wonderful maze of books causes my eyes to well up and an excitement to set me on edge.

So, instead of turning to the first page and ploughing ahead, I take a moment to think.

It has been eleven years since the release of Fool’s Fate, and with that comes a certain fear: though- like all fans- I wish to see a continuance of my dear Fitz’s story, I also fear the change. When I first read Fitz’s story, during the Farseer Trilogy, I was a young boy myself, barely older than fourteen years old. This created an odd connection between myself and the character, as I could easily project myself…

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I am not very nice to my characters

Excellent description of character development.

Work in Progress

I’m nearing the end of Camp Nanowrimo and last night I ended up writing the most in one day that I have all month (a whopping 1,300 words), and once again my main character ended up giving himself stitches (this also happens in Hitchhikers).  For some reason I feel the need to break my characters down to their absolute lowest point both mentally and physically before I can know what they’re capable of.  I definitely felt like I had to break Kayla down in Dreamwalkers, I had to see what happened to her confidence level.  In The Beast of Gevaudan, Georges also needed some breaking down, but really that’s just brought out his inner psychopath.  Or outer psychopath… he never really hid it, but this made it worse.

In Hitchhikers, Daniel is starved, attempts suicide, gets his leg caught in a bear trap, gets shot, and falls…

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