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EVERVILLE: THE FIRST PILLAR E-book Giveaway Contest Is Now On


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EVERVILLE: THE FIRST PILLAR e-book giveaway contest is now on!


Enter for a chance to win a free Kindle e-book of Amazon’s #1 international epic fantasy bestseller EVERVILLE: THE FIRST PILLAR!

Author Roy Huff is kindly giving a reader of my blog the chance to win a copy of his e-book EVERVILLE: THE FIRST PILLAR, and you have until 13th August 2013 to enter.

In addition, be sure to stay tuned for details on Roy’s upcoming second book in the series EVERVILLE: CITY OF WORMS, expected to be released in late Summer.

To enter the contest, you must have a valid non-Kindle email address, and the winner will be sent a free Kindle e-book directly from Amazon.

In order to enter you must reside in a country that allows Kindle downloads. If you do not have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app for iPhone…

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It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

I really enjoyed this article. I’ve read some books who use ‘sole’ instead of ‘soul’, ‘taught’ instead of ‘taut’, etc. I had to look up ‘leman’. Thanks for a great article.

The View From Here

Get it right Get it right

Help me out here, people. For the umpteenth time, I’ve had a note from a reader telling me about an error in my book. Many writers I know, including the peerless Tess Gerritsen, get this kind of feedback.

Now, ordinarily, I love getting corrections from readers because it means that in future editions of the book, I can change, says “commissary” to “dispensary” or put the Pax River Naval Station in the right state (blush).

But quite often, a reader wants to change a word that’s already correct. The latest? Gabbie K. tells me I’ve spelled “minuscule” wrong. She wants me to spell it “miniscule.” Is it because it’s derived from the ancient root “mini” as in, “mini marshmallows”???

And don’t get me started on words that are spelled right, but are perennially misunderstood. There has to be a term…

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