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This is hilarious! Thanks for some good laughs.


In the early days of Saturday Night Live, the late, great Gilda Radner had a character in her repertoire by the name of Emily Litella. Emily was a hard-of-hearing older lady who was given to tirades about some issue she had heard about on TV and misconstrued due to her deafness. Ms. Litella would appear on the Weekend Update segment of SNL and opine about subjects ranging from violins (instead of violence) on TV, to the Supreme Court’s decision on the deaf penalty, to the endangered feces act.

My favorite Emily Litella discourse was the time she sang “I Will Follow Him” to express her undying love for Tom Snyder, a popular New York TV talk show host at the time. “I will swallow him;” she intoned while a horrified Jane Curtin stared, open-mouthed. “I will swallow him wherever he will go…I love him, I love him, I love him, and…

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Excellent writing. Poignantly haunting.

Bette Lamb

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I am in the year 2050, in this windowless room where human dissection units are tightly lined up, one-after-the-other. Any spacious rooms, work places, or offices only exist for the corporate CEOs, managers or money makers. They work in comfort, while I, a highly trained surgeon with real skills, am jammed into a factory-style cubicle surrounded by a massive array of dissecting instruments.

There’s lots of grumbling about our work situation. Am I upset? Not to the casual eye. Everything about this gal shouts team player:

1- I dress in department scrubs that can be easily discarded if they get messed up.
2- I have one formal department white coat that not only helps me remember I’m a qualified medical individual, but I can look like one when I wear it to department meetings.
3- I smile at the appropriate moments, even though there’s not much I want to…

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Here Lies Love – Chapter One

There is quite the hook. Thank you for this first chapter.

Autumn Orchard

Here Lies Love eBook

Here Lies Love is told nearly entirely from Abbey’s point of view, but this extract from the beginning of the story is from one of the antagonists. He’s an evil troubled soul called Stefan – although he may go by another name in the book – you’ll have to read all of it to discover his alter-ego.

Chapter One. A Sad World

The artificial blue haze did little to illuminate the cityscape; a cold glow that instilled little faith to the people that scavenged and plundered beneath. As he watched from up above, out of his dirty window, Stefan knew as soon as one of them found something edible – be it a mouldy potato, bruised apple or soiled meat – a fight would ensue.

The stifled sobs behind him brought him out of his thoughts. He ignored them and continued to gaze out of the window.

The moon seemed…

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