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I’m so confused.

I’ve learned to take one day at a time. Unfortunately it seems several days attack me at once.  When I start gnawing my nails into the bloody quick or tearing off cuticles to create a cavern next to the nail, I know I’ve drifted off to the psycho path. It’s not a good place to be but it does serve it’s purpose.

Writers write. Sometimes it’s necessary to allow the words to flow unedited, unjudged & raw.

I’ve started a story but got bored with the characters. If I’m bored, a reader would certainly be bored as well. Perhaps I’ll post segments of it & ask for opinions. Perhaps it will sit lonely & neglected in an old laptop where the fan is broken & can only have it on for a few minutes.  I should have kept a hard copy. Oh well. No big loss.

I went to make cards today & got overheated, tired & sick at my stomach again & feeling like I would faint or throw up or both. Yech! The two cards I made were unsatisfying to me. There was only one aspect of one card that I liked. I overworked them both. I’ll finish on my own time.

Doctor for toe surgery followup in the early morning. I’m not thrilled about it.  I had just stopped the antibiotic & think that it has contributed to both my fatigue & nausea. I just want clearance for the 4 mile walk for March of Dimes for Babies on Saturday. I’m taking my rolling walker so I can sit if I need to & then continue. I get to put a flower with David Michael in the garden for babies who did not survive. They’ll also put them in the garden next year. I can’t think far enough ahead to think about walking again.

Books to read, blog pages to write, house to clean, put laundry away. What to do first? I’m going to take a greatly needed nap & wake up fresh & ready to do the necessary work. Being sole administrator on my personal page, my public page & my puzzle page have started to leave me fatigued. Will continue later.


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About Writers In the Storm

About Writers In the Storm. Wonderful blog about writing & writers. Any writer faces the storm within & without. Please visit them & enjoy.

We chose Writers in the Storm as the name of this blog because every writer must weather the storm within: self doubt, rejection, deadlines, and balancing our writing passion with everyday life.  Not to mention the storm raging outside – the paradigm shift in the publishing industry.

Subjects will range from our writing processes and critique techniques to fun things we do to relax – like knitting, doll collecting, motorcycling, crafting handmade cards, surviving motherhood, healthy living tips, our trips and travels.  We’ll also be dishing in This Week at Critique Group.”

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Musing Mondays (Aug.18)

I also visit reviews at Amazon. I joined goodreads & hub & have gained access to hundreds of interesting sounding books free for Kindle reader.

My TBR is extensive. I have several catetories. TBR, therapeutic weeping, I’ve also won seven books from the goodreads giveaway. I’ve received four of them & so far so good.

So other’s review & synopsis are the way I select a book. I usually give 100 page test but have been pleasant surprised by books that came through after I read a little morre.

I agree about not wasting time on books that aren’t really that great. Some of the YA books I’ve received SOUND good but upon reading them they’ve been disappointing with lots of typos & misuse of words.

That, however will not stop my reading. I’m like a baleen whale seeking krill by swimming with it’s mouth open then closing the baleen plates & squishing out all the water. The books that are keepers are discovered this way.

Thanks for your Musing Monday.

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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

Excellent researcher.

Seeker of Truth

Quoth the raven, “Nevermore”.

An iconic line from a famous poem.

Written by a man who was orphaned at the age of three, lost the love of his life to tuberculosis, and then died himself at only 40 years old, it’s instantly recognizable to nearly everyone who reads it. It is the haunting refrain of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”.

“The Raven” was published on January 29, 1845 in the weekly newspaper the New York Evening Mirror. It was reprinted a month later in both an issue of American Review and The Liberator, as well as countless other publications around the United States in the months following. It is arguably the most famous of Poe’s writings and made him a nationwide household name in a very short period of time.

Today marks the 168th anniversary of the publication of “The Raven”. This is not only my favourite poem…

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Aprons: From Functional to Fashionable

Urban Overalls

vintage aprons vintage aprons

When aprons first made their appearance in the domestic kitchen, it was to serve a purpose…to keep the wearer clean.  At that time, most clothing was handmade and took hours to construct, so if an article of clothing became stained, it was not a matter of simply tossing it out and running down to the store to buy something new.  Clothing was meant to last for years and aprons were a way to keep those clothes clean.

Nowadays, most of the clothing we wear is mass-produced and is considered ‘wash and wear’.  If something becomes stained or torn, the offending fabric generally is tossed aside and a replacement is purchased without a second thought.  With clothing like this, who needs/wants to wear an apron?  Do aprons still deserve a place in the modern kitchen?

In my humble opinion, the answer is a resounding yes!  I do not view…

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