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Joyful Journey to Health 1-25-16

It’s hard to believe another week of 2016 has passed.

Right after the first of the year, I bought some large containers of spices to make my own home made taco seasoning, pumpkin pie spice & onion soup mix. I got tired of buying the over priced packages with all the additives. This is one of the best decisions I made. It’s far healthier, tastes better & I feel like I accomplished something good for our bodies. I enjoyed doing this & will locate a place where I don’t have to pay retail for bulk spices now.


Thanks to a generous neighbor, I ate my first dragon fruit. Here are two photos & a bit of information about it found on http://www.naturalfoodbenefits.com.

“The Pitaya is more commonly referred to as the dragon fruit. It is an extremely beautiful fruit that has dazzling flowers and an intense shape and color. The dragon fruit is usually a dark red color, although some types of this fruit are pink or yellow. The skin of the dragon fruit is a thin rind. The skin is usually covered in scales, and the center of the fruit is made up of a red or white, sweet tasting pulp.

dragon fruit

“Dragon fruit does have a small amount of fats because there are so many seeds in the edible part of the fruit. There can be literally thousands of the small black seeds in any given dragon fruit, and like most seeds and nuts they have both fats and protein in them while the flesh of the fruit itself has virtually none. Many fruits we eat have the seeds removed, like apricots, peaches, apples and the like, so we tend to think of fruits as being completely fat and protein free. It would be literally impossible to remove the seeds from dragon fruit unless you pressed it through a strainer, as the seeds are very small and mixed evenly in the flesh. Fortunately these are mostly the healthy mono-unsaturated fats as, of course, they are not processed in any way and therefore are none of the dangerously unhealthy trans-fats seen in most junk food and processed foods.

dragon fruit1

“Dietary fiber is an important nutrition factor for everyone from young to old, and the best way to get dietary fiber is to eat fruits and vegetables including fruits like the dragon fruit. As you might expect, like many fruits, dragon fruit has lots of dietary fiber with almost 1g of fiber per 100g of the fresh dragon fruit. Of course, the amount of dietary fiber in dragon fruit which is dried on a gram for gram basis is much higher than the amount of dietary fiber in dragon fruit as the fresh fruit.”

“The health benefits of dragon fruit fiber are just one other example of the reason that eating natural sources of nutrients is superior to getting them from pills and supplements Dragon fruit nutritional benefits also include the levels of dragon fruit antioxidants – the antioxidants in dragon fruit are numerous and varied.”

It was an interesting taste. The initial appearance of the inside with all the seeds came as a surprise. They reminded me of re-hydrated chia seeds. The fruit had very mild pear/kiwi flavor, was juicy & quite satisfying. I learned it was also high in antioxidants so it was good for my body too.


Two tablespoons of Chia seeds also have a respectable amount of antioxidants, fiber (7 grams), protein (4 grams) and calcium (205 milligrams). Chia seeds are hydrophyllic – that hold around 10 times their weight in water.

chia in water

Chia in water. I keep a refrigerated bottle of chia in coconut water all the time & take a sip when I’m feeling extra hungry. This is helping me curb my appetite & giving me the extra antioxidants I need.

“Never despair, keep pushing on.”-Sir Thomas Lipton

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”-Abraham Lincoln

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”-Confucius

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Three Day Quote Challenge Day One


I want thank Krista at  Quote Challenge Day One for nominating me.


Quote for Day One:

“Sometimes we are what we think. The informed power (the energy) of these thoughts sparks electro-chemical changes in the body which loop back and extend their influence over the mind and then across the bigger picture … talk about participating in one’s destiny as well as the destiny of others! This transfer and transformation of energy is everything. It’s life. And there is much we can do with it. Mindfulness is first step.”- Joseph Cardillo, PhD

I would like to nominate:

Sue Vincent at Daily Echo http://scvincent.com/

Viv Drewa at The Owl Lady Blog https://theowlladyblog.wordpress.com/

David Prosser at Barshetshire Diaries https://theowlladyblog.wordpress.com/

I’ve not done one of these before so please overlook mistakes. Thanks.

Rules for the challenge:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Share one new quote on three consecutive days on your blog. They can be from anywhere, anyone or anything.
  • On each of the three days, nominate three more bloggers to carry on with the fun! No pressure; nominees are free to decline.



Joyful journey to health.

This weekend has been filled completely with puppy management. I haven’t had much time to read, write, or rest.  I hoped it would slow down now that she’s eight months old but she still needs 24/7 observation since everything goes into her mouth. Hmm, a lesson for me there I think. 🙂

The first of the year our neighbors set off some really loud fireworks & that turned our formerly fearless puppy into a nervous mess. Every time there is the slightest noise her eyes roll & she start looking up at the ceiling.

Now, what does this have with weight management? It limits meal planning, preparation & consumption. I speed through eating so it’s unsatisfying. We crate train her & that’s where she’s sleeping as I type but she can’t be there endlessly.

Friday morning I fell, landed hard on the tile kitchen floor. Fortunately the only thing broken was my rolling walker with the seat & we had the funds available to order another one. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. Yay!

So my exercises have continued, just at a much slower pace. I also have continued logging my food on my laptop, taking my vitamins & prescriptions, drinking plenty of water & generally taking better care of my body. I missed some sleep on Thursday night & since then have been catching up in increments.

Tonight I had turkey patties with bell pepper & onions sauteed in olive oil, spinach with butter & salt & a baked potato with sour cream. All portions consumed in moderation.

I can tell my pants are fitting looser but haven’t taken measurements yet. Time will tell. And it does take time. Patience & perseverance are the ‘secret tools’ to mastering this weight issue of mine.

“Close your eyes & imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.”-C. Assaad

I continue to learn daily & put into action things I find helpful. I keep what works & eliminate what doesn’t.

“The Six W’s: Work will win when wishing won’t.” – Todd Blackledge

Please visit an information filled & helpful blog: http://silverthreading.com/2016/01/18/mindful-monday-healthy-living-eat-your-veggies/


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Being More Lucy

I completely agree.

like mercury colliding...

When I grow up, I want to be like Lucy. Not the famous red-haired comedienne or the freckle-faced know-it-all, thorn in Charlie Brown’s side. The Lucy I’m referring to is my 16 year old Shitzu rescue dog, aka TC, the name given her by the sad people who surrendered her to a high-kill shelter when she became a burden.

Lucky for us, the rescue angels were on it, intervening before that final, fateful transaction that would transfer the “burden” to the county. The adorable little love bug in the photo above was unrecognizable then. (I’m including a “before” photo for you below.) She most certainly would have been swiftly put out of her misery. But despite her horribly matted fur covered in feces, over-grown nails, rotting teeth, fading eyesight and limited hearing, Lucy wasn’t miserable at all!

How many times have I looked at a messy, hopeless, miserable situation and…

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Feeling joy & getting healthy

My 2016 goal is a S.M.A.R.T. one.

Specific: I will feel joy by stopping the habit of complaining.  Off to a good start: a rubber band around my wrist was snapped sharply when I started to whine about a minor ache. That got my attention. I felt complete joy when the stinging stopped, because I knew I had found a method that worked.

Measurable:  I will get healthier by lowering my blood pressure, keeping my blood sugar even & lose five pounds. I can measure the first two daily here at home, but I only weigh at the doctor’s office so that will be delayed gratification. However, I am daily logging my food intake & that is another form of measurement.

Attainable:  These are attainable & achievable.

Realistic. They are also realistic.

Timetable: I will change the weight goal after I achieve it. I will move forward to a different area after I’ve gotten hold of the complaint department.  As far as feeling joy, I’ve started a ‘gratitude jar’ where I write things for which I’m grateful & drop into the jar. Every time I’m grateful for something, I feel a twinkle of joy. At then end of 2016 I will have at least 365 scraps of paper added, maybe more. I’m using my leftover card making scraps so it’s colorful & makes me happy to see it.

Recipe I use a LOT:

Crustless pumpkin pie (breakfast, vegetable or dessert)

1 Can/15 oz pumpkin unsweetened
1 Can/12 oz Carnation Evaporated fat free Milk
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
3 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup stevia for baking
Optional..Pam for baking

Combine eggs, milk, vanilla and salt. Gradually add stevia. Add pumpkin. Pour in a 9 inch baking pan. Bake at 400 degrees for first 15 minutes. Bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes or until knife inserted in baked pumpkin comes out clean.

*I put it all into a microwavable dish for 15 minutes & it works just fine for me. I also use way less salt.

This is in response to: http://silverthreading.com/2016/01/11/mindful-monday-healthy-living-make-life-changes-to-help-you-achieve-your-goals/