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A challenging week.

Sunday’s Haiku

Challenges go on,
When will I get my laptop,
It is in the mail.

I’m having my patience tested. Not only am I waiting to get scheduled at the pain clinic to get the nerve root injection in my back, but I blew up one computer. Took it to the shop & they wanted $350 to repair it. **sigh** The fan was only working at 50% so it got too hot to touch. Sounds like a sentence from a heavy-duty romance novel.

I got online to select an inexpensive laptop from Walmart. It is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. I’m waiting with baited breath. I don’t want to wish away time, but come on Tuesday.

At least my book reviews are being read. The second author contacted me with requests. I’m glad they are noticing.


Patience is not my strong suit. Patience, grasshopper. Huh!