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Mr. Bo-Bo and the Waggy-Tails (The Mr. Bo-Bo Picture Book Series 1) by Kristy LeBlanc

I received a free Kindle copy of Mr. Bo-Bo and the Waggy-Tails (The Mr. Bo-Bo Picture Book Series 1) by Kristy LeBlanc (Author, Photographer) from Amazon for a fair review. It is FIVE stars & a terrific book with great pictures!

It’s written for Age Level: 4 – 8, but this 67 year old grandmother fell in love with Mr. Bo-Bo & his delightful photographs. I’m so glad he found a forever home. My favorite little boy really liked it too.

This charming book would be an addition to any parent, grandparent, child, teacher or librarian’s collection. I highly recommend it.

*Free November 11th at time of posting.

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NH0M0CG?ie=UTF8&creativeASIN=B00NH0M0CG&linkCode=xm2&tag=injoslifethin-20

Original review found on https://www.facebook.com/InJoyfulBookReviews

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Surprised by joy today.

What a beautiful experience. I loved this & had to share.


My plans for today suddenly changed direction at about 10 am this morning instead of a long train journey to Dublin to collect some work related stuff; surprises and delights began to unfold that would not only delight the senses but also gently massage my sore heart and nourish my hungry soul.

You see my lovely mom died on the 13th of last month she was 90 years old and often referred to as a little angel as she herself referred to everyone who tended her.  Yes I am sad a little and yes I ache a little but I also had a wonderful life that I had shared with her and part of me ached for that sharing. Today was different as we started on our return home because the plan of the train journey had changed my husband who was driving just happened to take a different road home…

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If We Were Having Coffee

Thank you for a wonderful blog & the mention of my computer woes which has been replaced. Now rebuilding quotes & photos library.

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

The usual hangout is bustling with excitement today as the writers and bloggers gather together to discuss their busy weeks. School, university, college, work and general life have sucked the time and energy we enjoyed freely during the summer holidays and now time is a premium commodity we have to conserve wisely.

I have a new friend I’ve been wanting to sit down and chat to…ah there she is at a table full of familiar faces.

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Focus – Stray Haiku

It is so easy to fall in love with your turns of phrase. Thank you.

Meredith's Reveries


Ronovan’s haiku prompt #17, Focus – Stray.

Meredith dedicated to Nicholas the White and Writer’s Block

nick in bed

An abandoned stray
My focus, to earn your trust
Come on let’s be friends

(Hard to believe my beautiful Nick came from the pound.)

start a blogMy focus is lost
Filling my brain with nonsense
Stray words fly away

(I know I’m not alone. That doesn’t make me feel better.)

Martha Lost and Found
lostWe know to focus
on what’s important to us
so why do we stray
foundThe core of the truth
Appears when we least expect
When we free our hearts

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