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Nutella Hot Chocolate

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Sounds yummy! It reminds me of a chocolate ‘gravy’ a friend’s mother made every day for breakfast with biscuits.

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I’ve just made Nutella Hot Chocolate for my family….. AND THEY LOVED IT!! But let’s face it. Who wouldn’t!

Makes: 6 shots

1 cup of full cream milk
30gm flake chocolate bar
3 Tbsp Nutella
2 Tbsp corn flour
1/3 cup water

1. Heat milk in small pot until warm
2. Crush flake chocolate bar and add to warm milk. Whisk until dissolved.
3. Add Nutella and whisk until dissolved
4. Combine corn flour and water in a small bowl and mix together until corn flour isn’t lumpy and add to pot.
5. Whisk on a low heat until corn flour has thickened
6. Pour into shot glasses or espresso cups to serve.


P.s. It’s also great with homemade churros (I’ll be blogging this soon) or if you’re entertaining adults, try adding a shot of Baileys after you have taken the Nutella Hot Chocolate off the stove…

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