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Memoir of Two Innocents Aboad: Part Three


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Leaving the countryside with its small villages, castles, cathedrals and gardens we started out early to head toward London. But not so fast. We made a stop to see William Churchill’s home Blenheim Castle, which is a beautiful estate. It wasn’t open yet so we couldn’t go in. We bought a booklet instead. Next we drove through Oxford but didn’t stop. The university buildings are old but the town of Oxford is up-to-date and thriving. We preferred the sleepy villages. Finally we reached London – nothing sleepy about London.

We found a beautiful new hotel that was in a perfect location for walking to many places we wanted to see. We decided new isn’t so bad after all. It was expensive so we planned to stay only two nights. After we checked in, even though it had started to rain, we started out on foot over to Trafalgar Square where…

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Author: carolyninjoy

I’m a happily married, retired mother of two adults & grandmother of four children. Adjusted at last to my move from WA state & all the green trees & abundant moisture to a different beauty of desert mountains in AZ. The winters in the Mojave Desert are bliss, the 127 degree summers are a test. It is a climate change for sure. I’ve learned to bloom where I’m planted. I must remember, plants have roots, people have legs & to use mine! I am an avid reader of almost all genres & usually have a baker’s dozen books being read at the same time. I craft greeting cards & enjoy sharing my creativity with family & friends. I also surf the internet looking for artists, photographs, quotes, etc. for my Joy is a Choice! Choose Joy Moment by Moment webpage. http://www.facebook.com/Joyisachoice I also make online jigsaw puzzles. http://www.facebook.com/Injoyspuzzlesforfun I'm a voracious reader & have started a book review page on facebook. I now have the freedom to read all night long, should I so choose & don't suffer the repercussions since I can nap the following day. It's the best time of my life. The link for InJoyful Book Reviews is: http://www.facebook.com/InJoyfulBookReviews

2 thoughts on “Memoir of Two Innocents Aboad: Part Three

  1. I am touched and grateful that you reblogged my Memoir.

  2. Again, thanks for reading my posts. I’m glad you like them.

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